The Testimony of Amnon Neumann

via Antiwar

Amnon Neumann in Zochrot

Quote of the day

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Iran: “Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!”

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[Click for details]

Iran: a “Free Iran” video

via Payvand News of Iran

More videos of protests here.

Iran: Opposition leaders incarcerated

Opposition leaders Mousavi and Karoubi have been incarcerated. Click on image for details.

More here. Also here [with some caution regarding source].

Yousef Fakhri Ikhlayl

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Filmmaker tells story about cleansing Gaza [updated]

From UK’s Channel 4:

A filmmaker, who claims Israeli soldiers were ordered to “cleanse” Palestinian neighbourhoods, tells Channel 4 News “the atmosphere in Israel was that nobody should talk about this war”. – LINK

Update: More details and comments here.

Torture under the PA watch

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As a commenter wrote: “This has to be the ultimate in evil. As if the Palestinians haven’t suffered enough for six decades at the hands of ‘the most moral army in the world;’ without this from ‘their own people.’ “LINK

Gaza: “The Book of Destruction”

Quote of the day

“Instead of being angry that [WikiLeaks] has shamed the US government by making its crimes a matter of public record, let us instead direct our anger where it belongs, at the officials whose crimes we are now discovering.”The Glaspie Memo


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