Plan Dalet: Master Plan for the Conquest of Palestine

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One Century since the First World War and the Balfour Declaration

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A short trip through history, a strong case made in favour of ‘Two States’, and a dire warning for today and the days ahead.

“Bibi will never share Jerusalem. Continued occupation and settlement, while tightening the noose around East Jerusalem, is a sure recipe for an apocalyptic catastrophe sooner or later over the Muslim holy places in the Old City. With the continued surge in religious fundamentalist zealotry on both sides, the road to Armageddon will lead FROM Jerusalem. That is why, ladies and gentlemen, Benjamin Benzion Netanyahu is the most dangerous political leader in the World today.” – Professor Walid Khalidi

Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation

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Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation

What killed the two-state solution?

“The international community stood by and patted themselves on the back while Israel expanded the settlements and instituted a system of racial separation with exclusive rights for Jews. And this was called the peace process. Case closed. The question becomes not whether the two-state solution was ever possible, but whether it was ever preferable.” Adam Horowitz

The Occupation in a nutshell

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There is no time or need for despair

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Gaza: la guerre perdue d’Israël contre les enfants palestiniens

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par Khaled Satour

Je lisais, ces derniers temps, alors que l’armée israélienne massacrait à Gaza, les « Chroniques de la tristesse ordinaire » (Yawmiyât el huzn el ‘âdî) de Mahmoud Darwiche. Il y rapporte le récit d’un soldat israélien entrant avec son unité dans un village de Cisjordanie et apercevant une fillette dont le regard « lui a fait l’effet d’un tremblement de terre ». « D’où lui est venue la mémoire, s’est demandé le soldat, et qui lui a appris qu’elle avait une patrie ? ». Et Darwiche d’expliquer que ce soldat a alors pris conscience pour la première fois qu’il était un occupant et qu’il ne serait jamais là chez lui.

J’ai lu ce texte alors même que les médias allongeaient sans fin, heure après heure, la liste des enfants de Gaza déchiquetés par les tirs israéliens souvent par groupes de trois, de quatre, de cinq… Et les chiffres sont aujourd’hui effrayants : au total, sur 1314 Palestiniens massacrés, 412 sont des enfants, le tiers ! Auxquels il faut ajouter 1855 enfants blessés plus ou moins grièvement, plus ou moins irrémédiablement.

Une telle proportion est effarante. Et je me suis demandé si on devait se contenter de considérer ce massacre d’enfants comme un crime de guerre, si massif soit-il, s’il ne fallait pas plutôt y voir, dans la guerre menée contre Gaza, une guerre spécifique, par elle-même criminelle, faite aux enfants de Palestine. Une guerre dans la guerre, en somme, contre un ennemi d’Israël que nous ne soupçonnions pas : le regard des enfants palestiniens.Source

Our Country is a Graveyard

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by Mahmud Darwish

Gentlemen, you have transformed
our country into a graveyard
You have planted bullets in our heads,
and organized massacres
Gentlemen, nothing passes like that
without account
All that you have done
to our people is
registered in notebooks

[Translated by As’ad Abukhalil]

The World is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

April 5: Today is Palestinian Child Day

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  • Norman Finkelstein: No more Israel bashing

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    Haaretz‘s Natasha Mozgovaya reporting:

    It’s not that he’s changed his mind on the conflict, he just says blaming Israel has become too easy.

    “Nobody really defends Israel anymore,” he said in an interview. “If you go on college campuses, there are some Hillel faithfuls who are bringing an IDF soldier to try to explain that not all IDF soldiers are war criminals. And among the 60 to 100 people in the audience, there are Palestinian supporters who come with tape over their mouth, and when the soldier starts to speak, many people stand up and walk out.

    “They’ve lost the battle for public opinion,” he says. “They claim it’s because American Jews know too little – I claim it’s because they know too much about the conflict, and young liberal Jews have difficulty defending the use of cluster bombs in Lebanon or supporting the Israeli settlements. I was bashing Israel in the past because nobody else was exposing its true record. Many people are doing it now, so I switched hats from a critic of Israel to a diplomat who wants to resolve the conflict. I have not changed, but I think the spectrum has moved.”


    Foul Smell: Treating Gaza’s Wastewater under Israeli Blockade

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    Land Day: Photos of the day

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    “Two Palestinian boys in Lebanon look south from Beaufort Castle on Land Day” – via Ben Wedeman

    More photos here

    A song for Land Day

    More about Land Day here:
    Why Land Day still matters
    Stop the JNF Campaign

    Land Day on Twitter


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