Photo tribute to Palestinian Women

Palestine Studies: Discussing a report on settler attack

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The Testimony of Amnon Neumann

via Antiwar

Amnon Neumann in Zochrot

Filmmaker tells story about cleansing Gaza [updated]

From UK’s Channel 4:

A filmmaker, who claims Israeli soldiers were ordered to “cleanse” Palestinian neighbourhoods, tells Channel 4 News “the atmosphere in Israel was that nobody should talk about this war”. – LINK

Update: More details and comments here.

Gaza: “The Book of Destruction”

Quote of the day

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BDS: CJPME launches “We’re not buying it”

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) has launched its boycott campaign.

“Life in the Occupied Territories is about to get even more difficult, I believe, but perhaps we are finally approaching the breaking point. If that is the case, we must be there for the Palestinians on all the fronts: to protect them, to play our role in pushing the Occupation into unsustainability, to resist re-occupation, to act as watchdogs over political “processes” that threaten to impose apartheid in the guise of a two-state solution and, ultimately, to ensure that a just and lasting peace emerges. As weak and failed attempts by governments head for collapse, we must pick up the slack. 2011 is upon us.”Jeff Halper

Australians for Palestine BDS Manual

Danger zone: CUFI

Old Hagee’s still kicking but meeting with increasing opposition.

Quote of the day: A duty to speak out

[W]e, as a Church, perhaps cannot do very much except that we ought to acquaint ourselves with what is going on, and fight against injustice, and demand that the rule of law be upheld wherever it is being flouted for whatever reason. We have a duty to speak out.Barry Morgan


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